How Many Diapers Does a Baby Use Per Month?

In an ideal world, each newborn would receive the best of care. The reality, however, shows that parenthood is an investment for which some families aren’t fully prepared.

Currently, more than 5 million children in the US live in poor or low-income families. While federal programs provide help for low-income mothers and children up to 5 years old, those safety nets don’t cover an essential need – diapers.

On average, a newborn goes through about 360 diapers per month. That comes to $70 to $80 per month per baby.

“Most people don’t think about the little things… As a society, when we think about policy issues, we think about really big picture things,” explained Joanne Goldblum, founder of The National Diaper Bank Network. “We think about housing and food; we don’t think about a diaper.”

Goldblum started The National Diaper Bank Network after witnessing the need for diapers as a social worker.

“I did direct services with families, I went to people’s homes, and what I saw was a level of poverty that even as a social worker and someone that really thought they understood what poverty in America looked like – I was so struck by what a lack of basic needs that existed for families,” Goldblum said.

An inadequate diaper supply can lead to keeping babies in a dirty diaper too long, which often results in serious health risks.

For the parent, it can mean no daycare while they try to work since most providers require at least a day’s worth of diapers.


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