Metropolitan Detroit Diaper Bank is a 501(c)3 organization and will be happy to provide you with information for tax purposes.

Cash vs Dollars

Your generous, tax-deductible, cash donation to Metropolitan Detroit Diaper Bank will help keep us running and expanding. Your donation of dollars means we can provide clean diapers to more babies and families living in poverty. 

As a nonprofit and a recognized member of the National Diaper Bank Network, we have access to super special purchasing programs that allow us to obtain the exact sizes and quantities of diapers we need, when we need them, and most importantly, at deeply discounted rates. 

This means your cash donations help us purchase 2 to 3 times more diapers than what you could buy at a retail store. 

Simply put, we make your dollars go farther, and we save you a trip to the store!  

That’s what we call a win win!  

Donating Dollars = 2x More Diapers for

Metropolitan Detroit Diaper Bank

Average Number of Diapers Needed for a Healthy BabyCost to Purchase & Donate Diapers@$.28 / diaper retail avg.Dollars Donated toDiaper Bank= 2x More Diapers
8 per day$2.2517 diapers
56 per week$16120 diapers
224 per month$63474 diapers
2,688 per year$7535,662 diapers

         Estimates provided by the National Diaper Bank Network

  • On average, babies require 8 – 10 diapers per day to remain clean, dry and healthy.  Infants can require up to 12 diapers per day.
  • On average, it costs $70-$80 per month to diaper a child, when purchasing diapers at retail store.
  • On average, $1 helps us buy 8 high-quality diapers through the National Diaper Bank Network.
  • A monthly commitment of $500 will help us diaper 75 children each month (MDDB provides 50 diapers per child per month). 
Donations can be mailed to:
3434 Chene St. #7546
Detroit, MI 48207
Call Veronica Claybrone
for More Information!
(313) 356-6470