Volunteers consist of Teens for Tots, companies, civic groups, individuals and the diaper bank success is based on donations, dollars and time. We ask for our time to help wrapping/labeling, receiving and partner distributions. Interested parties can contact 313-478-4420.

Dollars for Diapers– Your generous, tax-deductible, cash donation to Metropolitan Detroit Diaper Bank will help keep us running and expanding. Your donation of dollars means we can provide clean diapers to more babies and families living in poverty.

As a nonprofit and a recognized member of the National Diaper Bank Network, we have access to super special purchasing programs that allow us to obtain the exact sizes and quantities of diapers we need, and most importantly, at deeply discounted rates.

Direct Services-diapers distributed on monthly to multi-cultural communities through MDDB Outreach efforts in the tri county area for Children, Infants and adults.

Toilet Training– Assist parenting families with diaper wearing toddlers residing in Detroit to transition to underwear

Agency Donations-Eligibility undefined

Alliance for Period Supply-Sanitary napkins and liners distributed to Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties through MDDB community partners.