MDDB Programs

The MDDB delivers to babies, children, disabled youth, teens, women and community elders in need. We are building a sustainable, cost effective infrastructure for connecting and supporting vulnerable citizens in neighborhoods throughout Metropolitan Detroit.


Infants and children’s diapers are distributed monthly to multi-cultural, tri-county communities using the MDDB online request system and outreach efforts in the tri-county area for children, and infants. 

Each month parents make a request for diapers on the MDDB online request form at  The online request form generates a pickup list for each site.  The pickup list provides an email and phone number for each parent. Our distribution sites follow a contactless drive thru model that requires the parents to place their name in the front windshield, pop the trunk and let our volunteers place diapers in the trunk according to the online generated pickup list.  

Incontinence supplies 

Individuals in need of incontinence supplies make a request by calling 313-955-6209.  They will be assigned a week and day to pick up supplies monthly.  Each month at an appointed date and time they will receive notification via email, telephone, or text (their choice of communication) with details of the pickup location.

Toilet Training

The MDDB Virtual Toilet Training Workshop assists parenting families with diaper wearing- toddlers to transition to underwear.

A request for toilet training can also be made through the MDDB request line at    Caregivers will be notified of the next scheduled workshop.  After attendance at the workshop each child will receive a toilet training kit with supplies to successfully complete the toilet training process.

 Alliance for Period Supplies

Sanitary napkins and liners are distributed at the MDDB distribution sites that are listed on the online request form.  A request for period supplies can also be made through the MDDB request line at…just say yes.