1. Important: Write down pickup information!
    When placing your online order, note the pickup date, time, and location as shown on the form.
  2. Monthly Email Reminders: Every month, you will receive an email to remind you about picking up your diapers. It’s like a friendly nudge to make sure you don’t forget.
  3. Reply to the Email Reminder: When you get your reminder email, you need to reply to the email. Tell us that you’ll pick up your diapers. You’ll need to go to the place, on the date, and at the time in the email to pick up your diapers.
  4. Deadline: Here’s the important part! If you don’t reply to the email by 5 pm on the Monday before your pickup, your name won’t be on the list. That means you won’t get any diapers for that month. So, try to reply as soon as you can!
  5. When will I receive a reminder for diaper pickup?
    You’ll receive a reminder email the weekend before your scheduled pickup. It’s crucial to confirm your intention to pick up diapers for your baby. Without confirmation, you won’t be on the pickup list or able to get diapers.
  6. Can I pick up multiple orders?
    Absolutely! To arrange for multiple family orders, please call 313-955-2751.
  7. Can I receive diapers while pregnant?
    Yes, if you’re at 7 months of pregnancy and can provide proof, you’re eligible to receive diapers.
  8. What if I missed my appointment? Can I reschedule?
    No worries! If you missed your appointment, place another order. For this month, include in the questions or concerns section that you missed your appointment and specify where you were supposed to pick up. Pay attention to the date to ensure you’re ordering for the correct month.
  9. What supplies do you provide?
    We offer diapers, period supplies, incontinence supplies, and wipes whenever available.
  10. Can someone else pick up diapers for me?
    Certainly! They must follow the pick-up instructions in the reminder email.
  11. Can I get a potty-training kit for my baby?
    Yes! Complete our 1-hour virtual class, and during your next order, let us know if you need additional toilet training assistance.
  12. What diaper brands do you have?
    We carry various brands, but we can’t guarantee a specific one. Rest assured; we provide quality diapers.
  13. Can I change my diaper size after placing an order?
    Absolutely! When you receive your reminder email, request a diaper size change.
  14. Twins or grandparents with custody?
    If you have twins or are a grandparent with custody, please let us know in the questions or concerns section of the online form.
  15. No proof of baby (birth certificate or shot record)?
    Call 313-478-4420 for assistance.
  16. Medicaid and special needs?
    If your child/children have Medicaid and specific needs, you may qualify for free diaper delivery. Check this link to see if you’re eligible: Pediatric Incontinence Supplies Through Medicaid.
    Pediatric Incontinence Supplies Through Medicaid (aeroflowurology.com)