One of President Obama’s favorite projects!

During the SXSW interview the President remarked “One of my favorite projects that’s just gotten started over the last several months is — diapers are really expensive, and we’ve actually set up a system whereby through social media and the Internet, non-for-profits are able to make bulk purchases of diapers, save 25 percent on those, so that they can distribute them to low-income moms and families. And it’s a convergence of diaper makers and logistics companies and Internet companies. And we sort of convened the thing, but it’s not running through a government program. “

The White House bridging the “diaper gap.”

The White House is highlighting a cross-sector strategy to expand access to affordable diapers for America’s poorest families. In a press call on Thursday, President Obama said the program was made possible through collaboration with, the makers of Cuties diapers and several non-profits. Roughly 1 in 3 families find it hard to afford to buy diapers for their babies, according to a White House blog post. And they aren’t covered by federal assistance programs such as WIC, SNAP or Medicaid.
The post put it simply: “When you have a baby, diapers are a necessity. They are not optional.”