If you are in need of diapers TEXT 313-478-4420 with ONLY your first name, last name and the best phone number to reach you.

Diapers are available by appointment only.

Diaper Pick Up Procedure
Welcome! Normally we are able to schedule your first pick up within 30 days after you send your first and last name. Please be patient. Upon completion of your enrollment you will be eligible to receive diapers for your babies each month until they are potty trained. You are not enrolled until you make your first pick up. If you receive an appointment confirmation and do not pick up, you must notify the diaper bank that you still need diapers to receive future appointments.

  • Once you receive your monthly notification you must send your baby’s diaper size to confirm that you will pick up your diapers before the deadline.  Please do not send your baby’s diaper size if you are not sure that you or someone will pick up diapers for you.  Our volunteers are keeping inventory of the diapers for order purposes and it is more work for them when appointments are missed. Please be considerate of the volunteers that come to assist with the distribution process.  If you are not on the appointment sheet you will not be allowed entrance to the distribution location.
  • In the near future we will be adding distribution locations around the city. Please read the text that you are sent to assure that you are picking up from the right location.
  • When picking up your diapers for the first time, please, complete both sides of the enrollment card and take a moment to write clearly.  All information should be legible and easy to read….if you need help volunteers are there to help…ask for assistance.
  • If you miss your appointment you will not be able to pick up until the following month.  If you miss three appointments you will no longer receive diapers. Remember you can send anyone to pick up for you. To sign the diapers out they will need the parent’s name, child’s  name, gender, date of birth,  parent’s zip code, race, language spoken at home, phone number and email address.

If you have friends that you want to refer to the diaper bank please have them enroll by texting  their first and last name and phone number only to (313) 478-4420 and they will get instructions to enroll.  Please DO NOT send them the information you received for your pick up. Their pick up location may be different and you will only cause them and the volunteers unnecessary confusion.

Thank you.