All Diapers will be distributed from one location TBD

  • 50 families from agency and 50 community families from MDDB call center

Provide information:

Download Phone Contact Form

  • Notify clients of date, time and location of pick up including pick up procedure. 

Volunteers are needed


  • 10 people
    • Pull diapers from Uboxes by location 
    • load on trucks for distribution by location

Distribution Site

  • 5 people
    • Truck…pull diapers as requested
    • Safety Watch…observe process for distancing PPE and  intruders
    • Verify appointment list…check appointment list and notify runners of sizes
    • 2 runners…pull diapers from truck and deliver to trunk of car

Client Pick up Procedure

Form a line as directed by volunteers

Stay in car …pop trunk

Hold up sign in window with parents name showing (Bold and Easy to Read)

Please pull off and be on your way

Thanks for helping keep Metropolitan Detroit clean, healthy and dry